Bogati Bodega and Winery


Owner(s): Jim and Della Bogaty

Winemaker: Justin Bogaty

Open to Public

Sun-Thu 12 to 5; Fri 12 to 9; Sat 12 to 6

35246 Harry Byrd Highway; Round Hill, Virginia 20142

phone: 540-338-1144



Bogati Bodega and Winery Profile

Written by Brian—Apr 23, 2014


Driving west through Loudoun County, just before starting the climb up the Blue Ridge, you’ll find a tasting room on the side of Route 7. Bogati Bodega is appended to the end of long brick structure containing other businesses. It’s not exactly what I expected, but then I never know exactly what to expect.

Jim and Della Bogaty are the owners of Verimar Vineyards, which is just a little further down the road, on the other side of the mountains. They received the bodega inspiration during a trip to Buenos Aires. So in 2010 they opened the doors at Bogati. The grapes are grown on the Verimar property and their son, Justin Bogaty, makes the wines that carry both the Verimar and Bogati Vineyards label. 

I tasted eight wines during my visit. Most of the wines were crafted from the international varietals encountered throughout the state, but there were a few less common grapes. You’ll find Albariño, Touriga Nacional and Malbec in wineries other than Bogati, but they’re far from the norm. I discovered that most of the white wines tended to be slightly sweet. This was even true of the Albariño, which had about 1.5% residual sugar. Non-traditional though it was, it did have nice honey and pear notes. 

Among the red wine offerings, the Malbec had lots of nice black fruit, round tannin and a nice long finish. The Touriga Nacional was showing lots of red fruit on the nose and palate and also had a great finish, but it was only a couple years old. The tannins should mellow nicely in the Touriga and in a couple more years, this one will be a fabulous wine. All of the wines were well crafted, but I mention these because they’re not typical and they make a strong case for a trip to Bogati.


The tasting room has a very nice fireplace sitting area that was in use on the raw day of my visit. The bodega also serves up a Blond Sangria made from Seyval Blanc, which will be perfect for the warm days to come. In addition, a variety of lite food is available for purchase and there are frequent public events held on the premises.

I had a very educational visit at Bogati. Paul, my wine steward, offered lots of information about each pour and we had a nice conversation about Verimar, the varietals and wine in general. While Bogati Bodega is more of a satellite tasting room, it’s a very warm, comfortable venue. This one is worth checking out. I think you’ll discover, as it did, that there’s a lot going on at Bogati.

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