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Owner(s): Ed Lazzerini

Winemaker: Ed Lazzerini

Open to Public 

Sat-Sun 12 to 4

49 Sproul Road, Christiana, PA 17509

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email: info@voxvineti.com


Vox Vineti Profile

     Written by Brian—Jul 31, 2019

Ed Lazzerini caught the food and wine bug during a trip to Burgundy when he was ten. This experience began a trajectory that would find him making world-class wine in an under-appreciated corner of Pennsylvania.

When Lazzerini decided to make wine, he initiated a search for a site appropriate for viticulture. He also consulted with and was inspired by some of the regions best winegrowers. Lazzerini’s background, by the way, was not agricultural. Fortunately, he chose his mentors and consultants wisely. Lazzerini learned his new craft exceptionally well and came to understand that great wine is a product of meticulous attention in the vineyard.

Photo Credit: Vox Vineti

Photo Credit: Vox Vineti

Photo Credit: Vox Vineti

Photo Credit: Vox Vineti

Photo Credit: Vox Vineti

Photo Credit: Vox Vineti

Lazzerini purchased 80 acres in eastern Lancaster County and planted vines on a rocky, treeless hill that provides good sun exposure, drainage and airflow. Planting began in 2010 and today there are five acres under vine. Bordeaux varieties along with Nebiolo and Barberra are the primary grapes. 

Lazzerini’s stated goal is to produce wines that are globally competitive. Emphasis on quality fruit and minimal intervention in the winery are resulting in wines that can easily compete with any of the region’s top producers. The 200 to 300 cases currently bottled annually under the Vox Vineti label are proof that the winery is trending toward Lazzerini’s goal. 

Future plans include a new tasting room and a gradual increase in production to between 1000 and 1500 cases annually. As of this writing, Vox Vineti tastings are limited to weekends and they are conducted in the winery. 

It is probably clear that Vox Vineti should be on your watch list. This producer is also worth checking out in the near term. So make an effort to visit. I will be very interested in hearing about it.

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