A'Dello Vineyard and Winery


Owner(s): Dellose Family

Winemaker: Dom Dellose

Open to Public 

Fri-Sun 11 to 6

21 Simmons Rd, Perkiomenville, PA 18074

phone: (610) 754-0006

email: See website


A'Dello Vineyard and Winery Profile

     Written by Brian—Oct 11, 2018


I just love it when I stumble across a hidden gem.

When I arrived at A’Dello Vineyard and Winery, owner/winemaker Dom Dellose was called back from his break. He proceeded to spend about 90 minutes showing me around and pouring some of his wine. I have to say that the wines are so good, that I can’t believe there is no buzz about this producer.

Any lack of public awareness is likely due to the fact that A’Dello does not advertise. Since opening in 2009, the winery has relied on word of mouth and locally it seems to have worked. They have a loyal following and a stream of patrons passed through the tasting room while I was there.

According to Dellose, his basic production philosophy is to make good wine and this equates to wines he wants to drink. Toward this end, I was quite impressed with all of the offerings, but red wine is the A’Dello superpower. The red wines all see about 24 months in oak and there is no compromise on that basic principal. The result is reds that are both big and complex. It’s hard to find fault with that.

Another thing that I can say about Dellose is he is extremely passionate about his craft. After he introduced himself, he poured me a glass of Cabernet Franc and led me back into the winery. My tasting did not follow a typical flow. Instead, we began with a few barrel samples. The we went back to the tasting bar, where Dellose began pouring wine. After every tasting pour, he would say “I’ve got one more I want you to try.” This went on for a while, but it gave me a great sense of what is happening at A’Dello.


I tasted some very nice white wines. The Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc are both worthy of note. Even the peach wine, which was done in a very dry style, was extraordinary… but like I mentioned earlier, the reds are the main event.

Real standouts included the Cab Franc, which was big, complex and jammy. There is a place for this style of Cab Franc and I am a fan. I really like the Chambourcin as well, but the Cabernet Sauvignon was off the charts. It was rich and textured, with structured tannins in a very long finish. This is obviously A’Dello’s signature red.

One bit of bad new is the spotted lanternfly infestation that has taken hold in Southeast Pennsylvania. A’Dello Vineyard and Winery lost their entire vineyard. In the nearterm, there are two years of red wine in barrels. Dellose is making every effort to source fruit locally and appears confident that he can keep making wine. In the meantime, let’s make an effort to support this winery. After you stop in, please let me know what you think.